Promote AmnioStrip®

Promote AmnioStrip® is comprised of placental tissue allowing it to be effective at protecting a wide variety of wounds, while simultaneously creating an environment conducive to the regeneration of healthy tissue. This versatile tissue improves outcome in wound management and has shown to be safe and successful in clinical use.

Why AmnioStrip®

  • Dual-Layer surface dimpling for ease of graft placement/handing
  • Readily adheres to wound surface
  • Hydrates rapidly in wound environment
  • Inhibit fibrogenesis (scarring) when applied topically to dermal and subcutaneous wounds
  • Prevent adhesions tethered to implanted hardware
  • Reduce the occurrence of dural and nerve root adhesions
  • Prevent adhesion in tendon grafts and repair

Where we get AmnioStrip®

  • Collection of the donor tissue is performed in a aseptic manner by appropriately licensed tissue establishments.
  • Sterile human allograft tissues
  • Sterility Assurance Level 10 (-6)
  • Proprietary cleansing processes
  • Meets the exacting FDA Regulations and AATB standards.

Use with Alamo® C, Alamo® T, Alamo® P, Nakoma®-SL, and Cyclone® for optimal results.

For more information view our Promote AmnioStrip brochure. PDF Download