The Absolute Best PRP Composition

Pure PRP provides platelet rich plasma with the highest platelet and growth factor concentrations available. Growth factors make the difference in rapid wound repair and pain reduction. With Pure PRP, patients have the best opportunity for healing. A product that is both versatile and effective now provide physicians with the best option for improved patient outcomes.

No Red Blood Cells (RBCs)
Pure PRP provide high concentrations of platelet & growth factors in a pure plasma suspension. It has a zero% yield of red blood cells. Red blood cells in PRP has been reported to cause pain after injection. With Pure PRP this risk is eliminated. It is the purest sample of platelet rich plasma available at the point of care.

No Granulocytes (preparation choice)
The polymorphonuclear cell family (PMNs) includes the body’s most abundantly occurring granulocyte known as neutrophils. [1][2][3] These granulocytes, in abundant & sustained doses releases cytokines, which in turn amplify and prolong inflammatory reactions by several other cell types.[4] Though acute and short term inflammation is needed for active wound repair, sustained inflammation is known to be detrimental to healing. Pure PRP can be prepared without granulocytes. This reduces inflammation at the injection site while maintaining the chemotactic, antimicrobial and remodeling effects that are needed to support active wound repair. It is the best PRP composition for optimal patient outcomes.
Refined Processing of the Platelet Plasma Suspension (PPS)
Pure PRP can only be attained with refined processing of the Platelet Plasma Suspension (PPS). A short soft spin of whole blood, in the Executive Series Centrifuge, quickly prepares the PPS for extraction. The PPS is then processed in the Pure PRP separator tube. This tube is specially designed to capture and easily collect 85-98% of the platelets into a 6 mL sample of Pure Platelet Rich Plasma. This process is completed in 8.5 minutes and provides the best PRP sample for clinical applications.

The process is completed in 8.5 minutes

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