The SwannShidi® Bone Aspiration Device with its revolutionary key features allows for control of depth penetration into the bone and prevents translation on the sleeve. Marrow Aspiration Needle is to be used for aspiration of bone marrow or autologous blood by use of a standard syringe.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The SwannShidi® is a sterile packed, single use, disposable device equipped with a 15ga needle that is able to aspirate bone marrow from the sternum, iliac crest, or the vertebral body.
  • May eliminate the need for secondary surgery site
  • Sleek, low profile design
  • Convenient depth gauge allows user to choose needle depth based on patient anatomy
  • Critical safety feature includes depth guard
  • The SwannShidi® needle comes fully assembled with cap, stylet, needle, sleeve, depth guard, and locking nut
  • See Surgical Technique for more details

For more information view our SwannShidi® brochure.